Kristen White

CEO, Bestselling Author & Award-Winning Media Marketing Coach

Kristen White brings more than a decade of experience as a television journalist and anchor to her new show, Let’s start a Ripple airing in six U.S. television markets on ABC, FOX, CW and MyTV.

Kristen is an award winning media expert coach who helps entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches and businesses become more powerful messengers with content creation and on-camera coaching. As a media marketing Coach, Kristen White works with clients to create media based marketing platforms including television, radio, iPad magazine, and multimedia books. Her company, White Media Agency, LLC, is the premier media coaching and video production company for the wellness and personal development marketplace.

She is a 2013 recipient of the Innovator of the Year and the 2013 Female Entrepreneur of the Year Stevie Award for Women in Business and the 2012 Gold Stevie Award for Women in Business for Video of the Year, and a Gold Stevie Award for Mentor/Coach of the Year and a Bronze Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Kristen has also been awarded the 2012 Platinum Aurora Awards for Video and a 2012 Gold Aurora Award for Video.

Let’s Start a Ripple, is a news style talk show, which features experts in Personal Development, Wellness and Spirituality. The show debuted in January 2013, and has featured stories on raw foods, wellness business development, psychic abilities, angels, meditation, strategies for chronic pain, coping with cancer, integrative health and natural medicine. More than 75 guests from all over the world have been featured in the broadcast during the first year. Currently, the show is broadcast on The Wisdom Channel on Google TV, HULU, and on mainstream media. Let’s Start a Ripple, is produced in the ABC TV studio in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s also produced on location in Sedona, California and New York.

Kristen’s #1 Amazon Bestseller: Voice: How to Share your Message, Your Business and Your Product with the World helps experts find their authentic voice and to use their message to transform the lives of others. Many individuals have solutions to end the suffering on the planet, however, these strategies remain widely unknown because these individuals do not have an understanding of how to become a recognized expert using marketing and media appearances. As a media coach, who is currently active in the media as a broadcaster, Kristen White teaches people how to be effective on camera, what to wear, how to craft a media soundbite to use effectively during an interview and how to develop a media strategy that attracts the attention of the public and of the press.

The show, Let’s Start a Ripple with Kristen White, accepts auditions from experts who want to learn how to be on camera and develop their authentic voice media message and persona. There is a media coaching, interview training program and expert development coaching curriculum, created by Kristen, based on the concepts in the book. This program concludes with a real on camera experience and the appearance on a TV show which reaches 20 million US households.

Kristen White is trained in energy medicine. She is a Karuna Reiki Master register with and she is certified in Tsi Dup Yang Bod, a Tibetan energy medicine from the Bon tradition. Kristen has also been certified in Angel Therapy and has studied shamanism and spent time in Brazil as a Medium of the Casa Of John of God. Kristen is an open channel intuitive and has worked extensively with private clients. She has developed a workshop course, Spirituality Bootcamp™: The Seven Principles of Spiritual Practice.

Her first book Mystic in a Minivan is a modern day parable which teaches people how to connect to a meaningful inspired life during the pressures of everyday circumstances and obstacles.