Denise Hansard

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Life Architect

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m doing OK but there’s got to be SOMETHING MORE!” Me too!

I had the GOOD-PAYING CORPORATE JOB with lots of authority and international travel. It was the life I’d grown up being told I should have. But something was missing.

It was my SENSE OF PURPOSE. I was playing it safe and feeling dissatisfied.

So I worked with some talented life coaches to explore my life and myself. Then I took a deep breath, CHUCKED IT ALL and applied to a certified life coaching program. It helped me find the gifts I am meant to share with others. Now I’m here to HELP YOU DO THE SAME.

My specialty is working with EXECUTIVES and ENTREPRENEURS—mostly women—because I understand the big and small business worlds. I use my passion for helping people become their best selves—however they define this—based on the sound foundation of my education and corporate experience.