Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Time Commitment for the program?

The program is six (6) months. The ongoing monthly training content is offered via group conference calls twice a month as webinars, private calls scheduled at your convenience and through a self-paced online course. All video production is held on Saturdays/ Sundays at the studio located in St. Louis, Missouri. You will be in the ST. Louis studio for two (2) weekends during the (6) six months.

Explain how the Private Calls and Group Calls are scheduled?

Private calls with Kristen White are scheduled by YOU at your convenience. Please use the link on the website to schedule your times. The calls are (60) sixty minutes. They are recorded and can be used to cover any content or strategy you desire. You have ONE call per month. These private calls do not “roll over” to the next month. You also have 3 three additional floating calls with Kristen. These can be used at anytime during the 6 six months.

It is your responsibility to call Kristen at your scheduled time.

The conference line phone number is:    888-572-5654

All private calls are recorded and delivered via a private shared Dropbox. If for any reason, the recording is corrupt or defective, the call will not be repeated. Please take a few notes during all private calls.

Please use the link in the calendar to cancel or reschedule your PRIVATE calls. If you miss a call without cancelling or rescheduling at least 24 hours prior. The call will be considered forfeit and be deducted from the private calls offered in your program. Kristen White will wait on the conference line for (10) ten minutes, after this time the call is considered missed for “no-show.”

If there is an emergency, please call the WMA office 314-863-0668. We understand that things can come up unexpectedly, so some flexibility is available. Last minute “emergencies” for missed calls will be allowed for one (1) private call only.

Group calls are offered LIVE and the recorded version is posted to the REPLAY page of the website. The schedule and the topics are posted on the website. If for any reason the recording is corrupt or defective, the call will not be repeated. Please take a few notes during all group calls.

Bonus Media Specialist PRIVATE Calls are offered as an opportunity to connect with some of the top experts in the areas of public relations, on camera style, public speaking, etc. These private calls are between 30-60 minutes. There is no charge for these initial calls and the experts will provide you with valuable professional feedback and insight.

You may schedule these calls at any time during the program. Please schedule the stylist appointment with Andy Paige right away, as her schedule is extremely busy. If you decide to go to New York for a private shopping session, travel as early in the program as possible to be prepared for all production dates.

These experts may also offer you an additional opportunity to work in more depth. This is NOT required to complete this program. It’s only an option for additional professional development. If you decide to work with them, I will receive a predetermined referral fee. Any consulting with these individual is independent of this program and has its own contract, deliverables and terms.

I don’t like my videos, can I “redo” them?

Please remember, video is a learning experience and the more time your spend on camera, the more your performance will improve. Most of the time we are personally more critical of how we look on camera than everyone else.

You may “redo” ONLY your interview videos one (1) time. You must reschedule a time to come back to the studio. The re-shoot must be completed within (6) six months of the initial production dates and there will be an additional fee of $2,000.00 to reschedule plus your personal travel costs.

Oops, I forgot to say something on camera, can I get back on the television set or do my talk again?

In the real world of television media and keynote speeches, you, the expert do not get the chance to come back on the stage or return to the news desk to clarify information or add more key “talking points.”  This is why its important to be prepared, meet privately with the experts in the program and practice, practice, practice! You have a set period of time in the studio and you may re-start, pause, or change direction during this time, we will fix everything in post production editing, however, once your time is completed, it’s then time for the next expert to deliver their content.

What is NOT included in the Program?

Travel arrangements: hotel and flights, taxi fares, logo creation/graphic design for personal branding for media kit and podcast page, royalty free images for the studio monitors and royalty free music for the podcast.

Can White Media Agency help me with additional projects?

WMA will explore additional support for your online brand and business AFTER the six (6) month program is completed. During the program we request 100% of your focus to create the best possible outcome for your media appearances.

When will I receive my Videos?

Your videos will be ready for you to use to promote yourself within two weeks of the date you appear in the studio. The videos are posted to our YouTube Channel for the duration of the program. At the completion of the six (6) month program, your videos are also uploaded to the private YouTube or Vimeo channel of your choice.

When will my Media Page and Podcast page be ready?

Both of these pages require your direct input. Please complete the web form inside the program website with the requested information and your webpages will be completed within 30 days of submission. These pages are hosted on our private site and you will be able to link to these pages from the navigation in your personal website. All elements of the content will be provided to you via a private Dropbox folder, in the event your personal webmaster wants to recreate these pages on your private site.

Where is the Television Studio?

The television studio is located at 1034 S. Brentwood Blvd. in St Louis, Missouri 63117 on the 16th and 17th Floor.

Across the street from the studio is a shopping mall with a Macy’s, Nordstrom's and Dillard's. There are also multiple restaurants and hotels in the area.

You do NOT need a car when you are in town. Both Uber and Taxis offer 20 minute rides from the airport.

The closest hotel is Homewood Suites, which is next door to the Studio.

8040 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights,Missouri, 63117

1+ 314-863-7700


What are the requested travel arrangements for Studio Dates?

Fly into Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Airport Code: STL

Arrive on Friday evening for a Saturday production.

Depart NO EARLIER than 7 pm on Saturday evening, preferably Sunday.

If you leave to catch an early flight - before your production is complete - there will be an additional fee of $2,000.00 to reschedule your production plus your personal travel costs and you will need to select a time slot at another production weekend. These must be completed within (6)  six months.

How much time will I be on camera?

The studio uses three (3) cameras for the interview. You will have an hour in the studio to complete your 20 minute interview for the Let’s Start a Ripple television program. This is a taped recording, so at any point in the interview, you can stop the interview and we can start over or change directions. All final interview footage is approved by you - prior to being promoted or aired on television.

The “Ted Style” Talk is 15-20 minutes on a digital stage in front of a LIVE audience. This is produced with multiple cameras capturing both you and your audiences reactions.

Why can’t I come in town and complete the interview and the speech on the same weekend?

It’s recommended that you focus 100% on the content for each piece to create the best possible videos.  We set up the cameras for a specific studio; this takes several hours. However, under special circumstances,  there will be a limited  option, based on available studio time, to complete both in one weekend.

What is there to see and experience in St. Louis?

Download our Visit St Louis Page Here

Who writes my on camera speech?

We work with you to brainstorm ideas for your on camera content during both the private and the group calls. It’s up to YOU to create the final talking points for the stage and the on camera interview. If you’d like to have additional help with the speech content we will refer a private coach. This individual will have their own rates and professional agreement outside the scope of the program. 

Will I need to sign a Publicity Release?

Yes, you will be signing a publicity release and on camera appearance agreement which allows WMA to air your videos online and through mainstream media.

I LOVE being on TV, can I repeat the program?

YES! After the initial (6) six months, you may renew the program in three (3) month increments and for every three (3) months, you’ll receive one (1) in studio production credit.  With this (1.5) hours on camera, you may create 1) marketing videos in the studio, 2) deliver a new speech, 3) join us to be interviewed on location or 4) invite in your own guests to be interviewed for your private show. If additional studio time is need, an estimated rate for private production will be provided. With the renewal of your enrollment, the BONUS private consults with the media consultants may not be repeated.

My friend would love this program, do you offer a referral incentive?

Thank you for all of your referrals. There is a $500 CASH referral fee offered to any one who sends someone who joins the program within 30 days of the referral. This is payable after the new client has been in the program for 90 days or made three payments.