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Do you want to use media to promote your book, coaching practice, art or wellness products?

In the world today there are multiple ways to share your message online using television, radio, podcasts, video, live streaming and speaking from the stage for a virtual event. But, how do you get access to broadcast quality studios and the training to create professional quality video content that will get you invited to appear on more television, radio and stages?

I have developed my new Authentic Voice Media Expert Portfolio Program to help solve these problems for you. This six month program gives you more training on interviews, creating podcasts, media distribution, on-camera style, and more, plus two videos and one podcast interview for your portfolio.

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A Note From Kristen White

When I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in journalism as a television news anchor and reporter, I followed a traditional path. This started with a college degree in communications, months of non-paid internships, then entry level behind the scenes producer jobs for a few years until I got a "break" as a weekend morning reporter where I covered house fires in Florida in the middle of the summer heat.

As an expert, you don't have the time to follow this path!

Candidly, many of these doors would not even be open to you in the competitive world of journalism today. Because you have not followed the traditional path outlined above. Yet everyone who wants to build a massive following needs to master the skills of being in the media and on camera. Your following wants to connect with you through watching your videos and resonating with your message.

I'm offering you a giant LEAP from beginner to expert in a very short period of time. This is only for people like you who have a clear direction, a solid message and who want to add MEDIA to supercharge your MESSAGE.

Once the world can watch you, listen to you and learn from you through their mobile devices, then you will have the VISIBILITY necessary to grow your business and personal brand quickly and exponentially.


We have opened the doors to the
Authentic Voice Media Expert Portfolio Program.

Praise for Kristen White:

When You Join the Authentic Voice Media Expert Portfolio Program, You Will Receive:

Media Portfolio Production:

  • In-Studio Production Broadcast-Quality Interview
  • Broadcast-Quality Digital Media Public Speaking “Ted Talk” Style
  • iTunes Podcast Interview plus podcast set-up production
  • Professional Photo Shoot: Headshots and Full Body

Web Development/Social Media:

  • Digital Personal Media Clips and Professional Bio
  • Podcast Promotion Site
  • Branded YouTube/Vimeo Channel Creation

Media Mentoring Calls with Kristen White:

  • Two LIVE Group Calls per Month: Recorded, 90 minutes
  • Monthly PRIVATE Calls with Kristen White: Recorded, 60 Minutes
  • Three PRIVATE Floating Calls with Kristen White: Recorded, 60 Minutes

Additional Services & Perks:

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Your Interview airs on Let's Start a Ripple on ABC, NBC, & MYTV
  • Professional Editing of your video production
  • Enrollment in Authentic Voice Media Exprt Blueprint Online Course
  • Access to Kristen’s PRIVATE extended interview video library for Mandala


Bonus Media Specialist Consulting:

  • Polish Your On-Camera Style with a Private SKYPE Session with Stylist Andy Paige
  • Learn How to Take the Stage with Power, Conviction and Influence with a Private SKYPE session with Steve Lowell
  • Hone Your Faebook Ad Stratgey with a Private SKYPE Session with Bret Gregory
  • Learn the Do's & Don'ts of PR with a Private SKYPE Session with Gail Torr
  • Find Out How to Get Booked on Stage & Radio with a Private SKYPE Session with Jackie Lapin
  • Fine Tune Your Email Funnel with a Private SKYPE Session with Makena Sage

The Authentic Voice Media Expert Portfolio Program is LIMITED to (15) Fifteen people ONLY!

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Our clients can be seen, heard and read on: The Today Show, Good Morning America, FOX, Forbes, MyTV, CM, ABC, CBS, NBC, Hulu, The Wisdom Channel, GoogleTV, AppleTV, YouTube, The Huffington Post, KMOX, Coast to Coast Radio, Vivid Life Radio, Best You Magazine, BeMore Magazine, Vitality TV, Let's Start A Ripple

About Kristen White

I Want In!

Kristen White & White Media Agency Awards

We're an Award-Winning Agency

White Media Agency produces broadcast quality original content for mainstream platforms like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, MyTV, Hulu, and more. Led by award-winning journalist and veteran TV host Kristen White, we create stunning professional videos for experts who are looking to book more media appearances and gain more visibility in their marketplace. We currently produce three television shows featuring original content for distribution on mainstream platforms.

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More Praise for Kristen White

Over the last year Kristen, and her team at the White Media Agency, have delivered again and again during the development, branding, marketing and launch of our new online Rise Professional Recovery Coach Program.

As the cofounder of NET Institute Center for Addiction and Recovery Education, I have trained thousands of people globally who have helped tens of thousands impacted by addiction. After 18 years of creating academic training for addiction counselors, therapists, and recovery support staff, I knew it was time for change and to expand our horizons to catch the rising wave of Professional Coaching. I could ‘see it’ but I had no effective plan to make it happen.

When I met Kristen at a conference for authors, I was intrigued and even refreshed by her ideas and perspective on my work. I knew Kristen was the person to help me reposition our organization for growth. I am delighted to share that she has done so much more! She has brought bright ideas, workable strategies, a creative team, and solid know-how to my organization at each stage of our build out. But of greater value is Kristen’s love of life and genuine care for people that energizes her professional expertise and has multiplied our joy and enthusiasm for learning/ teaching, making changes and embracing true success.

Jean LaCour

"I've built up a fairly successful coaching practice over the last 2 years and felt ready to take the next step and up level my business and offerings. I found Kristen White.

My VIP day with Kristen was amazing. In such a short space of time she got straight to the point with what was holding me back and gave me some powerful strategies for increasing my income while adding massive value to my clients. (I'm already seeing a big difference after a week!).

Kristen mixes strong intuitive abilities with savvy business strategies to help you achieve your breakthrough FAST. If you want to make a leap, Kristen is you're coach!" Ryan James Lock, business success coach, writer and entrepreneur.

Ryan Lock